№ 2 (23), 2013 г.


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Anafiyev A., Abdulkhairov A.
An approach to reconstruct target function of the optimization problem with precedent initial information

Beyko I.,  Shchyrba O.
Optimization problems with partial derivatives and algorithms for
constructing generalized solutions

Beyko I., Zinko P.
Solve-operator methods for optimization of risk controlled stochastic processes

Blyshchik V.
Incompleteness of initial information and the problem of payoff function reconstruction

Donchenko V., Zinko T.
Matrix “Feature vectors” and grouping operators in pattern recognition

Iemets O., Yemets‘ O.
Solving of the Problem of Discrete Fuzzy Number Carrier’s Growing

Kalas J., Novotny´ J, Michalek J., Nakonechny O.
Mathematical model for cancer prevalence and cancer mortality

Kapustian O.
Averaging in the optimal control problem for the reaction-diffusion equation with multivalued interaction function

Krasnoproshin V.
The mechanisms of decision-making intellectualization based on distributed cognitive resources

Lukyanova E.
On similarity of Petri nets languages

Maksimov V.
On realizing prescribed quality of a controlled system’s process under uncertaintly

Nakonechny O.,  Podlipenko Yu.
On realizing prescribed quality of a controlled system’s process under uncertainty

Osadcha O., Skripnik N.
The scheme of partial averaging for one class of hybrid systems

Pashko A.
A simulation of sub-Gaussian random fields on a sphere of orlicz spaces

Sant L.
Harnessing empirical characteristic function convergence behaviour

Shakhno S., Yarmola H.
Convergence conditions of the two-parametric secant type method for solving nonlinear equations taking into account errors